Sunday, April 13, 2014

Cut this bird up...whew

Okay, so let me say, it is not as easy as it looks! Hahahaha.

You cut the legs and thighs of the turkey, then remove the thigh bones, then remove the backbone (saving for gravy).

This was a monumental task.....but I got 'er done! Removed thigh bones and filled the thigh with sage, pepper, and salt then trussed it up.  Lathered the breast with butter, salt and peppered then did the same to t he legs.  Returned legs to fridge, and the breast is about to go into oven 345 degrees breast down for 30 minutes.

I have to say, unless this is absolutely fabulous, it is the last turkey I will be deboning and cutting up!

My kitchen shears were priceless in this venture!

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