About Michele

About Michele

Michele is the oldest of 3 children,  mom to three and one furry four legged pet , a full-time student of Child Development and Business/Marketing at Northern Arizona University , a part-time freelance writer and web marketing specialist, a full time Technical Support Adviser for Apple , and an avid aromatherapist and herbalist as well a student of cultures, folk remedies ,and religions of the World.  A single mom who works hard and cooks for her family daily and somehow manages to clean her house in between! She is especially interested in crock pot recipes that make a  family oriented working mom's life a whole lot easier!

Her focus is on affordable, easy to prepare family style dishes.  She also is mad about cooking Mexican, Italian, and Portuguese, .  My mom taught how to cook good American food for a family on a budget.  My adopted Mom , my step-mom in my heart,  my youngest child's grandmother, has taught me some great and unique Portuguese dishes, and my oldest children's Tata and Tia Molly taught me how to cook authentic Mexican food.   I was a military child and exposed to many different cuisines. Together, I take all the knowledge given to me , and cherish it, keeping it traditional, and creating my recipes with the basic knowledge I have been given.


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