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I confess, I have an ugly kitchen!

My kitchen looks like 1982 crawled up and died in it! A few years ago I moved from a house with a great kitchen.  I love to cook for family and friends and have get togethers. I was devastated when I seen my not so new kitchen.  After, an initial period of depression, I got over it and started doing what I do best, cooking in an ugly kitchen!

I just know I can't be the only cook who has  to deal with any ugly kitchen and tight budget.  I am in proces sof writing a book just for people like me.  Ugly Kitchen cooks!

This Blog is to showcase my cooking adventures, those that work and those that were epic fails!
I also enjoy cooking with my kids and love to show off their culinary works! 

So, you have to feed a family on a budget, and have an ugly kitchen to work with this Blog and upcoming book are for you!

Enjoy your stay in My Ugly Kitchen!

The Kitchen I have..... 

The Kitchen I would like...

Tribute to Ugly Kitchens!

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