Sunday, April 13, 2014

Cooking Catastrophe!

Okay, so stuffing was in glass dish, breast on top.  Sitting on top stove, waiting for legs and to be put in over.  When, suddenly, a loud pop and the glass dish shattered!  Why, I have no clue! This dish I have had for years.  I jumped into action, saved the turkey, it was glass free, still rinsed it well.  However, the stuffing was a goner full of glass shards.  The kitchen was a mess, stuffing and glass everywhere.  I swept, mopped, cleaned range and counters and had to race off to grocery for more stuffing ingredients.  Oh MY GAWD!

All is well, redid stuffing in flash,  but what baking dish to use. I had to separate it into 2 smaller metal roasting pans.  What a disaster! I was to far into it to just chuck it and say it is pizza.  I thought this never happened to Julia, then said, nope, I bet it has!

All is well that ends well, kitchen is shiny, bird and dressing in oven, I am minus one really great baking dish, and still have no clue why this happened.

Recipe says turn oven up to 425 for 30 mins then down to 350 for 40 mins.  I need it to cook slower, so it is 425 for 30 mins, then 275 for a few hours.  Time to take a break and get kids to peel potatoes.

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